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Returnerede værdier
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geos.xml?center=55.060091,10.60524&count=50&tagscategory=0Svendborg, only subject tags returned
geos.xml?center=55.40095,10.40405&span=0.3153,1.03821&includetags=1,4,5Fyn, only includes geos wich have tag with id 1, 4 or 5
geos.xml?center=55.40095,10.40405&span=0.3153,1.03821&z=8&clustering=trueFyn /w clustering. clustering=true returns clusters and/or regular geos according to zoomlevel (z). Clusters have the same structure as geos, but with title=null, tagids from the underlaying geos and id=-[count], where count is the number of underlaying geos.
geos.xml?center=55.060091,10.60524&count=10&source=HA,1001Source parameter defaults to "HA", but also "1001" (1001 fortællinger) can be specified. Combinations is also possible, as shown in the example. "1001" geos have a tag with id 388, and id's between 100.000.000 and 200.000.000.